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Raising the roof with Cascadia Vehicle Tents

CVT needed a website that could function as their digital showroom within a rapidly growing industry

We leveraged a headless Magento foundation to support CVT's complex and growing ERP system. The result was a powerful backend built for product management while simplifying content curation through a user-friendly CMS.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents e-commerce product configuration

The Ask

The design for Cascadia Vehicle Tents' new site hinged on a sleek, unique look far outside of Magento's visual ecosystem. However, it also needed to live up to business goals grounded in sales and provide a place for CVT's fans to gather as a family.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents product configuration page

Technology Solution

Data Driven Design was hired to make it possible to have the best of both worlds: enterprise-level e-commerce and boutique, highly interactive UI/UX. Our mission was to create a website with easy content management and powerful e-commerce as parts of a balanced whole.

Using Magento and Craft together Logo

Our solution was to fully de-couple the experience layer from the constraints of the Magento theming system, which would allow us to build a very custom design for a fraction of the cost of building directly on Magento. It would also make the administration of the site much easier as it separated the management of the presentation layer into Craft CMS. Craft's fully-customizable, user-friendly backend system seemed to be the perfect fit to support their marketing team's needs and would still make it possible to do the bulk of the e-commerce management in the Netsuite ERP so their employees could have a single point to maintain product information.

In the end, we accomplished what we set out to do. Data Driven Design built the site using a headless Magento 2 backend with Netsuite communicating via a customized Magento 2 REST API with a Craft CMS-based user interface. This approach allowed both portions of the application to work together to deliver a visually stunning design while keeping the beefiness of a tried and true e-commerce platform to handle inventory and sales. We were able to deliver the best aspects of both systems to a client seeking to set the tone for their outdoor brand.


Craft CMS

Scroll Magic

Javascript / HTML5 / SCSS

Headless Magento

Custom API to integrate Craft and Magento

MailChimp API

Bootstrap 4

Netsuite ERP


Multi-Warehouse Inventory


Technical Direction

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Systems Architecture


On-going Development Support

Premium products with superior customization

We built an interactive product configurator, allowing the customer to see the product update in real-time, including interactive hotspots that inform the user about product features.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents responsive mobile phone design

Try it before you buy it

CVT wanted a rental area on their site to allow customers to try their products before taking the plunge. Data Driven Design built a custom rental form that updates in real-time to allow customers to have a cart-like experience while requesting products to rent. The form allows users to preview the items they are renting as they fill out the request form.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents using scroll magic to add smooth scrolling

Emphasis on getting the little things right.

Scroll Magic was leveraged to create loading and scroll effects, adding subtle touches of polish. Content and images gently fade and rise as they float into place on each and every page.

Responsive and adaptive

The highly interactive nature of CVT's site and the sizeable images needed to support the design vision meant that we needed to add adaptability into the equation. Typically, our sites are built with a minimum of three responsive breakpoints for the layout: mobile, tablet and laptop/desktop. Many times, we have five, to support the variety of devices currently in the market.

Even with this approach, we knew the site's scrollable home page would be a challenge for users on mobile devices. Especially CVT's customers, who are likely to be off the beaten path. We suggested using an adaptive, slimmed-down version of the design to increase page load speed on mobile devices. Instead of slowing down CVT's sales, we serve up an entirely different experience to people browsing on their phones.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents desktop home page scrolling experience

Continuing the Adventure

Like many of our projects, the CVT website has undergone several iterations of development. Most recently, the Data Driven Design team has built several additional pages on the site. A new Manuals + Downloads page was created to house useful information such as product manuals and installation videos. This allows customers to easily access information related to their tent or trailer without having to reach out to customer service directly. We created a filterable list of items which allows easy, intuitive browsing as CVT continues to add additional products to their line.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents - responsive design for manuals and downloads page on mobile phone and tablet

CVT Outlet

The CVT Outlet page was also created so that customers can check out used tents and floor model tents as well as other equipment for purchase at a discounted price. Each of the items displays the most relevant information on the Outlet page itself, such as product model, image and price. A secondary item page was also created to provide greater detail about each specific item for sale - including contact details for the seller, an optional carousel to show multiple images, and an area to include pertinent details about the item's features and condition. Since the products on the Outlet page come from multiple locations across the country, CVT needed a map to show the general location on the item page. We also added a location zip-code look-up so customers can search by location to find used tents being sold locally.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents - outlet page

Updated Navigation

Following the creation of these pages, Data Driven Design also re-worked the site's navigation to accommodate the new user paths. At desktop screen sizes, the original designs had cross-fading images that were shown when hovering on the links inside of the product menu. Adding the new pages to this menu meant that the layout needed to be re-configured. During this process, the design was also simplified to show a single bold image to provide continuity.

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